This term is used for newly-formed spaces as part of a terrace or completely detached from already existing facility.

That room could be transformed into an extension of the living room or purposefully into a winter garden where the residents could spend their time on their hobbies during cold winter days.  Glass gardens first appeared in England and later on, they became popular worldwide.

They consist of translucent glass roof and exterior walls with a small number of aluminum profiles. They are prestigious and luxurious, giving the houses a new dimension and its residents a new space for relaxation.

External walls of glass winter gardens can usually be put someplace aside in order not to be in the way during the summer period. Usually, those are sliding or folding constructions. Winter gardens should preferably be made of low- emission or energy-efficient glass when it comes to heated spaces. If it is not an intensively heated space then this kind of glass is not mandatory. The inside of the construction and joinery could be covered with wood and thus make the whole room warm. In most cases, these rooms serve as sitting rooms from April until October and during the heating season, they are not used.

Profiles that we present are the most widely used profiles in the recent realization,and should not limit your requests only to the current.
We have  contracts with all leading ALU Profile manufacturers,and we can answer any request you demand.


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