Every building is unique. Individually designed windows are a key part of any special architectural concept, determining the aesthetic of the entire facade and setting the character of the building. SERBIAL series provides the best means of producing complex yet attractive window designs that offer a high level of functionality and precise dimensioning. Our profile range includes multi-level concepts for security and for both thermal and noise insulation.The extensive system variety offers a wide range of options for inwards and outwards opening, as well as various design versions:

  • Turn, turn/tilt, tilt windows
  • Double vent windows
  • Concealed sash windows
  • Oblique/round arched windows
  • Parallel slide tilt windows
  • Horizontally-pivoted sash windows
  • Vertically-pivoted sash windows
  • Top-hung sash windows (opening to outside)
  • Roof lights (opening to outside)
  • Parallel vent windows (opening to outside)
  • Turn sashes, top-hung sashes (opening to outside)

They say first impressions last – and in the case of homes and offices that applies especially to the front door, the building’s “calling card”. There can hardly be any other component of a structure that has to reconcile so many different criteria. Whether it is the door to a private house; a large entrance to an administrative building or a hotel; a fire protection door or emergency exit in a school, or a simple functional door for a manufacturing building: the technically-mature SERBIAL profile systems, with their numerous opening types, versions and expansion options enable you to realise tailor-made door solutions for any situation.






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